Permata Ayung Private Estate - Staff and Community

Staff and Community

The creation of Permata Ayung Private Estate involved many people and not least of all the local villagers. Many of the local families owned the land where the estate is located for generations and in building it, Mr. de Vries wanted to give back to the community that gave so much. Almost 90% of the staff are from the local village. The commitment to being a part of this Balinese community has extended beyond giving them jobs.

Training, education, opportunities and support make Permata Ayung an important member of this traditional community. The organic gardens are a source of food and education about sustainable living. Generations of local families are employed in roles that include gardening and housekeeping, cooking and food preparation, and in all other areas.

A path has been built for the villagers to access the river for their ceremonies as they have done for generations. Being a part of,and supporting, this local community is a source of great pride and fulfilment for owner Mr. de Vries. He knows the villagers by name and extends his support to their families and celebrates their religious events.

Thinking globally and acting locally is a motto that is lived each day at Permata Ayung Private Estate.