Permata Ayung Press Review

"Indonesia Dinner" Chaine Des Rotisseurs

The age old adage is that we should always see the old year out "with a bang". So it was with much anticipation that Bali members and their guests, specially invited by the estate's owner, arrived in Ubud for what promised to be a truly "sparkling" end-of-year event at the exclusive Permata Ayung Private Estate.

"A Decadent End To 2015" Now Bali

The Permata Ayung (literally "Ayung Diamond") is the jewel in the crown of homes created by Dutch businessman Henk de Vries and his wife Willie. Henk had searched for many years to provide a private getaway for his family and close relatives to enjoy. The result of his quest, "The Permata Ayung Private Estate" is discreetly settled on a five hectare, five tier site, in Ubud, on the banks of Bali's most sacred Ayung River.

"Permata Ayung" Archello

It meant a lot to me to have the chance to design on the Ayung River. I grew up on its banks and always found a sense magic there. This site was set between the river's edge and five meter cliff with water pouring down it.It was to be a spa surrounded by water. If you are going to be on the river, then you should really experience the river and feel the water – so we also suspended a teardrop on cables above the Ayung.

"The Hideaway of the Rich and Famous in Bali" The Bali Bible

Any rock stars, Royals, Sheiks or heiresses out there ready to set fire to some serious USD a night at a private resort? Read on because there is a place so fantastic in Bali, a millionaire's nirvana, so luxurious yet still so earthy that I can't imagine existing anywhere else in the world.

"Kick Back and Enjoy Bali's Serene Heart" Quantas

"Exquisitely restored antique Indonesian houses are scattered throughout Permata Ayung, a vast estate near Ubud that has private rice terraces, a grand piano and underground tunnels. Dining by the river is as divine as having a massage in the lounge pod suspended over the water. Frangipanis scent the bedrooms and peacocks roam the gardens. It's little wonder that Donna Karan is a regular guest.

"A World Unlike Any Other" Asia Dreams

"Few places in the world offer a destination fit for a king or queen, or even for A-list celebrities for that matter, but tucked away in an unassuming village in Bali, hidden behind enormous teak wood doors with no signage, is a place where all of the above have secretly lodged. It's a place unlike any other, where five-star splendour meets ancient Indonesian design, and where inspiring Balinese tradition meets grandiose celebrity demands.

"12 luxury day spas and resort spas in Bali with incredible views" Tripcanvas

"This spa, a bamboo cathedral, was a very personal project for me; a dream of mine made real beside the Ayung River." Elora Hardy

Permata Ayung Private Estate: Where True Nature and Luxury Meet" Now Jakarta

Finding a true haven in Bali is still possible, especially if you travel to the north of the island towards Ubud and farther. On a recent trip to Bali, an invitation from Permata Ayung Private Estate raised my curiosity. The website, though beautifully presented, remained modest in its approach, thus I came with no expectations. Passing by countless coconut trees and paddy rice fields, we finally arrived at the slightly hidden entrance to the resort. We were greeted by a beautiful Javanese joglo house, and then suddenly, voila!

"A Tranquil Oasis" The Peak Magazine

On the banks of the Ayung river with tumbling rice terraces and a bamboo bridge linking two traditional kings of badung and Gianyar is the Permata Ayung Resort. On a recent weekend I had the opportunity to visit this incredible space and experience first hand the combination of stunning visual beauty and our rich cultural heritage. The property mirrors the four sacred directions of the Balinese rose or compass — the sacred mountains from which the waters descend, the east and the rising sun, the south and the powerful forces of the ocean all to which all material things eventually return and the west and the domanin of the ancestors.

"Enduring Love In Ubud" NOW JAKARTA

Petty Elliott had a rare chance to stay at this jewel on Bali’s Ayung River. The patron saint of happy couples and blissful marriages would have been inspired. The word "love" in all its interpretations is evident across so many aspects of this five-hectare estate on the west bank of the Ayung River, south of Ubud. A place of total immersion, a perfect escape, for just the right reasons.

"Juxtaposing Two World Heritages" Indonesia Design

Civilisation has never stopped growing. Every day, we see new designs and innovations that have been made to improve our lives. The word "new" in this context has replaced older creations often considered old fashioned or no longer valid. However, old works have their own values and virtues. Some that are really good will become classics and reach a position as pieces of heritage for our civilisation. At the Permata Ayung Private Estate in Ubud, Bali; Indonesian heritage design is not only well preserved, but has also been contemporized with an old European aesthetic. It makes the whole site unique, one of a kind and up to date.

Permata Ayung Press Review